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Fans of small-studio PC games will love Dead by Daylight because it rests in that sweet spot between indie and AAA, where you essentially get a complete, high quality game at indie prices. This game looks as good as a full price game and doesn’t skimp on gameplay either, as a multiplayer game with an exciting 4 vs 1 format. One player is the killer and the rest are the potential victims in this survival horror which features both co-op and PvP. As the name suggests, Dead by Daylight is about surviving through a night in classic horror movie style. This comes complete with a creepy killer, serious violence and tons of gore, so it’s not one for the faint of heart. What really makes it shine however is that the gameplay supports this dynamic throughout, with a constant tension and mounting fear. The simple goal of escaping without being caught becomes fraught with problems and moments of genuine shock. To make matters worse, survivors do not actually have to cooperate. Some may go it alone, either improving or reducing their chances. Alternatively, play as the killer to experience a totally different type of game, stalking your prey through the gloom. Of course, that doesn’t mean things are easy, as the killer is not as quick or adaptable as the survivors and is locked into first person view. Dead by Daylight supports its core theme in several ways. One clever approach is a procedurally generated, changeable environment which means that no two games are quite the same. That helps to keep the feeling of surprise and helplessness throughout, as you don’t know what’s around the corner. This game also features some quality graphics and moody visuals that you’d expect to see in a big-budget console game. The constant presence of shadow and fog makes the forest seem oppressive and really builds the atmosphere. Adding to this are well-made audio and sound effects that seem to come straight from a horror movie. In fact, the developers attempted to please fans of various horror sub-genres. For example, you are not stuck with a psychopathic killer wielding a machete, as you can also play with a supernatural killer with paranormal powers. Each killer has its own play style and unlockable skill progression, with the same going for survivors, to allow a degree of customization. On the downside, you will see all the usual horror tropes which are a little tiresome and the engine has some rough edges. Dead by Daylight is certainly aimed at true horror fans who won’t mind the usual clichés or the fact that the game is very limited in scope. That being said, it does have replay value. The option of killer or survivor adds some longevity, plus the procedurally generated play area keeps things fresh for longer. Given the low smaller-studio price tag and the way it plays on genuine tension and fear, it’s well worth getting four friends together to play this.

Dead by daylight logo Dead by Daylight

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Full version
  • Developer: Starbreeze Studios


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