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About Eggnogg

Eggnogg is a two-player competitive arcade game with retro-style graphics. In this game two immortal swordsmen battle through a Super-Mario-style dungeon. Each player is trying to reach a goal at the end of the dungeon but to get there they'll have to beat or evade their opponent first. The game's sword-fighting mechanics make fights a battle of wits as much as a test of reflexes and the hazards and enemies of the dungeon offer plenty of opportunities for tactical creativity. Eggnogg's Atari-esqu graphics and upbeat chiptune soundtrack suggest a simple game but the combination of simple platforming and robust swordfighting mechanics create a game that's fast-paced and exciting with lots of split-second decision-making and frequent changes in momentum. The dungeon is divided into individual screens and you'll need to battle your opponent afresh on each screen to make progress you can win by stabbing them (of course) throwing your sword at them forcing them into a spiked pit and more. In close quarters you'll use any of a list of swordfighting moves. The effectiveness of a particular attack or defence depends on what your opponent does so you'll need to use your intuition.

Eggnogg 07 100x100 Eggnogg

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Free
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