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About Dead Realm

Dead Realm is an atmospheric multiplayer horror FPS game that takes place inside a haunted mansion. Choose between playing as a human character, or as one of the ghosts haunting the building. Use stealth, tactics and other tricks at your disposal as you try to make it through this creepy location. Dead Realm mixes the atmosphere and creepiness of a good survival horror game with the action-oriented gameplay of the FPS genre. When you enter the haunted mansion, you will be menaced by all manner of terrifying spirits that lurk behind every corner and inside every shadowy room. If you keep your wits about you, you will figure out the best places to hide if you wish to survive your night in the house. But be warned: one false move, and you will end up as no more than the ghosts' latest victim. Be prepared for a hair-raising experience! Dead Realm has a total of five different game modes, each emphasising a different gameplay element, from teamwork to individual stealth. Also on offer are no fewer than 9 maps, each set in a different haunted location. With ten human characters to choose from, plus the option to play as a ghost, Dead Realm is a game that will keep you up all night... as you explore every available nook and cranny!

Image 15 100x100 Dead Realm

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Full version
  • Developer: Section Studios


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