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Paint the Town Red is a combat and action game that takes place in various locations and historic times. Your mission is as simple as beat, knock down, hit, stab, and slice and shoot anything that is moving to paint red the scenario. Paint the Town Red is on Early Access phase on Steam. Paint the Town Red users describe it as a 3D Hotline Miami, even more brutal, and with a Minecraft aesthetic as well. Having reflexes, hitting before asking and restart levels over and over are key elements in this game. All levels start the same way: you are in a apparently normal environment, like a bar or a retro dance club. Everything will remain normal until you decide to harm someone (Smacking somebody, for instance). Then everyone will hit each other and will end up going after you. That will be your moment to survive! Once the violence is unleashed you have to act fast. If you stop, you're dead. If you don't use the objects around you, you're dead. If you don't improvise or adapt to the situation, you're dead. As of now Paint the Town Red has only two levels. There still are missing weapons, modes, achievements... If you're waiting on a full game, I would recommend you to wait for its release. Its graphics won't leave you indifferent. On one hand its style will remind you of the sympathetic Minecraft. But on the other hand, there's blood, beheaded heads and nonstop violence. It's strange to hit characters that in theory should be monkeys. For now, Paint the Town Red is a promising game. The final result will depend on whether the rest of the levels will be diverse enough so it's premise won't stay as a anecdote. This games always take the risk of entertaining you for a while and then boring you.

Paint the town red logo Paint the Town Red

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Full version
  • Developer: South East Games


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